Hypnosis Lets you live AN Extraordinary Life!

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Why use a  Hypnocoach?


  • Feeling Stuck? Get Unstuck
  • Let go of negativity and rejection
  • Stay focused on the positive  
  • Tap into your secret introvert 
  • Learn the effective power of self-hypnosis
  • Get help navigating back to “normal “?



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We’re all born with a blank canvas on which to paint our lives. Is yours bright and bold or dim and dreary? Allow me to help guide you into being the director of your beautiful LIFE! Get started today with a Hypnosis or Hypnocoaching ® sessions and discover how you can live an inspired, empowered life.



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People around the world have practiced hypno-therapies for thousands of years, and millions of Americans currently enjoy ALL health benefits. Hypnosis is an effective, form of exercise for the mind that involves integration of every muscle, organ, and cell of the body, bringing balance to body and mind. Self-Hypnosis is a practice that combines, controlled breathing, and relaxation. Many studies have determined that effect use of self-hypnosis can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve heart function, and calm body, mind, and spirit.


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Wellness-life coach in Taunton, Sleep hypnosis.... much more...   

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LISA EVANS A Certified Hypnocoach® Uses A Combination Of Hypnosis And Coaching; This Proven Blend Can Easily Help You Achieve Your Staying Power To  Get NOTICEABLE Results In Your Personal And Professional Life. Get Started Today And Discover How You Can Live An Inspired And Empowered Life. 

Hypnosis in Taunton and Raynham, MA, and remote sessions.