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Lisa Evans ​

  • Board Certified Therapist Massage & Bodyworker
  • Certified Consulting Hypnotist 
  • Certified Hypnosis Instructor 
  • Certified HypnoCoach® and HypnoBirth® and Infertility 
  • Autogenic Trainer-BAS Authorized 

Hello and welcome to my website my name is Lisa Evans. I have had a gratifying career as a Hypnotist and Licensed Board-Certified Massage Therapist; Having helped numerous people receive relief from discomforts caused by stressful and over active lifestyles. My first practice was opened in May 1999 - Massage Therapy of Randolph and later The Body Maintenance Place. I was first introduced to hypnosis as a competitor bodybuilder in 1992 and then again for test anxiety while attending massage therapy school. Later when my husband committed suicide I sought out hypnotherapy again. Emotions of grief coupled with situational family experiences and operating a small business were very overwhelming during this time in my life. I had sought counseling, went to safe place group meetings and found faith.  During my counseling sessions I was offered some medication to help me through depression, instead i used sleep hypnosis. I did not choose the medication path because of the twelve medications my husband had been on at the time of his passing. I saw what those did to him and my holistic being did not want to follow that same road. I knew there had to be another alternative so I used hypnotherapy once more, to overcome a very traumatizing point in my life. As I felt myself getting better I decided to learn the profession of hypnotism. ​

I am very grateful to still be in business today offering Massage and Hypnosis in Taunton/Raynham MA., and Hypnosis as distance learning education remotely and in Taunton/Raynham, MA. I was literally going out of my mind then and didn't know how I was going to continue to help others when I needed help myself. I found many friends along this journey and because of customers and friends I have continued to be in business and survived to offer life coach and autogenic training in Taunton/Raynham as well, remotely. I have always enjoyed the profession of massage therapy and I think hypnosis to be a terrific blend incorporating  more mindfulness base with physical touch as I have personally and professionally learned much about hypnotism. Thanks for reading :)

Shared my story with you in Hopes that you know how meaningful your life is. My whole career was started by overcoming injury with massage therapy and emotional trauma and building success with hypnosis. I hope your inspire to allow the same changes to occur within yourself.

first Place 2014 Winner of Aloha Classic age 49

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Lisa Evans
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