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“AlphaZone” Hypnosis for Bodybuilders                                       
 You can work out in the best equipped gym, you can train on the best training 

equipment, and employ an elite personal trainer that your money can buy, take

the most expensive supplements and have the best workout Partner. However,

if you don't train your subconscious mind it will all go to waste. This is the concept

behind “AlphaZone” Hypnosis methods, which is self-induced visualization

techniques ‘of guided mental imagery with specific sports concentration concepts, applied to train your subconsciousness to develop your true athletic potential.
Bodybuilding has always revolved around the physical aspects of training and then adding in some sort of nutrition portion, as we search for effective ways to develop muscular size and strength for that ultimate physique. For most athletes and even the weekend warriors, we are over educated on the physical aspects of training; but totally uneducated on training our minds; which is why I propose My “AlphaZone” Hypnosis Method;  As an award winning bodybuilder since my early 20s, a Board Certified Massage Therapist- Trained in the biomechanics of the physical body, A Licensed Health Professional and Certified Consulting Hypnotist, I can attest that the brain controls the muscle, the muscle DOES NOT control the brain. 


“AlphaZone” Hypnosis training method for one’s mind- is more than just a relaxation technique. To use this concept one would train the brain while at rest and apply specific hypnosis techniques at each and every workout. You must increase your physique awareness to the point where you are conscious of only three factors; yourself, the equipment, and your objective or goal.  Remember, it’s “your thoughts that you think which will nourish your mind”. 

AlphaZone"  Hypnosis for Bodybuilders and other sports enthusiast! 

My career as a hypnotist has been rewarding and enjoyable as, I have personally helped varies athletes become proficient in their individualized sports and go on to become sports competitors;. women’s motor cross, horseshoe player, MMA fighter, trap shooter. runners and tri-athletes, golfers, and bodybuilders....

1992 Bodybuilder Title Holder  Age 27. First place winner 2014 Aloha Classic at age 49.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: We do not represent our services as any form of medical, behavioral or mental health care, and despite research to the contrary, by law, I may make no health benefit claims for our services.

How does training my mind for peak performance work?

Many of us have rattled off clichés such as” it's all in the mind” but how many of us systematically program our mind to sustain motivation? Applying the “AlphaZone” hypnosis training concept from Lisa Evans into your athletics program; will teach you how to train the subconscious mind. With proper mental training for bodybuilders and other sports enthusiast you can learn to control muscle contractions which in turn create muscle growth and thus maximize muscle potential, because training the subconscious mind is one of the most powerful training tools we have.